So have you thought about what the definition of a successful birth is to you? I’ve heard many mothers say “healthy baby, healthy mother” as their goal, but is that enough for you? There isn’t a right or wrong answer here. I just want you to think.

Everyone is SO different when it comes to defining this. As I’ve looked at my own births, it’s funny how I perceive each one.

On one, forceps felt like a welcomed blessing that saved me from a c-section. On another, I felt like the Dr. ripped the baby from me with forceps. Same circumstance (Forceps were used to assist in delivering baby), but my thoughts about the circumstance were VERY different.

With one birth, I was elated to receive an epidural. When I got an epidural with another, I felt like a complete failure. My sister has had a c-section that was completely traumatic for her, yet is welcoming and excited for the c-section she’s scheduled to have next week.

Our thoughts are so powerful! Take a moment and write down your thoughts about your birth whether it be an upcoming birth or one you’ve already experienced. Remember, there isn’t a right or wrong here. Just be curious. 

As we move forward, you’ll see how you can try on different thoughts and create a completely different birth experience. This works for both upcoming and past births.

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