Worry is never about something that’s happening in the present. It’s always about something happening in the future. Oh, and can our brains have a hay day with that…coming up with so many different scenarios of what could happen. It’s not reality. It’s not helpful. At all. Ever.

The present is do-able. We can do the now. We can figure out solutions to what is going on right now even if it’s hard, but no amount of worrying about the unknown future can really prepare you for that moment. It’s wasted energy.

Are you a worrier? Try this if you’re brain still really wants to worry. Set an alarm on your phone for a specific time of day. Then set a 5 minute timer. This time is only for worrying. Worry all you can during that 5 minutes and worry hard about any and everything you can think of to worry about it. During the day, when your brain offers you something to worry about, just remind that brain of yours that you only worry and 8:00pm…or whatever time you schedule.

You’ll find this practice frees your mind up quite a bit during the day. Think of all that time to think up amazing things that life rather than foster fear. Have some fun with all this new time & freed up energy.

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