I was working with my life coach yesterday. (Yes, life coaches need life coaches. Everyone needs a life coach!) I was unloading my drama, play by play, feeling the overwhelm & agitation of all of it. The thought that was causing all my drama was about missing the boat. She asked me what comes up when I think I’m missing the boat. 

I’m not sure how long it took me to actually reply to her question, but I felt like life paused for a few moments to show me a scene in my mind’s eye. I was standing watching a boat pass by. Then I turned to wait for another one, because I hadn’t caught the first. Something didn’t feel right. Then I realized that underneath me was a boat. I was ON a boat! 

That other boat was someone else’s boat. I didn’t miss the boat! I realized I was moving. I was already on my journey, in the right boat, at the right time, and at just the right speed. There was a peace & a trusting that settled in.

Listen, my friend, there are so many voices out there telling us where we “should” be. I say to those voices, “STOP IT!” It’s not even about where we end up in the end, but the journey we’re on right now. Take a minute & breathe. See that you’re on the boat. On the journey. Don’t miss it looking for other boats. 

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