COVID-19 has really tossed life around a bit. It’s our Spring Break right now. A couple months ago, you probably made plans for this week. Those plans may have included a trip, one you may have even purchased tickets for. You had no idea that you’d be quarantined instead of partying it up at Disneyland. 

The future changed and now we are adjusting to those changes. The future with Coronavirus is uncertain, but the future is always uncertain. It always has been. We just take all the information we currently have and make a plan, and we realize that we may have to be flexible as the future continues to unfold its pages.  

The fact is we never know what the future holds. Yet we still make plans. Who could have predicted 6 months ago that the world would be homeschooling and for the most part, not leaving their homes? Not me! But that doesn’t have to stop us. 

You’ve got this. Don’t let the uncertain future stop you in your tracks. Gather what information you have and start working your plan.

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