I did my life coaching training through Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School. She is brilliant. People want to ask her lots of questions, because she is so confident, successful, and knows a lot. When I’ve been in trainings with her, people do ask lots of questions. About 85% of the time, she’ll answer with “You know the answer to that. What is it?” The person usually stumbles around a bit & then comes up with the answer. I often wonder why people keep asking questions. Maybe it’s because it makes them dig.
I love to read. I mostly read self-help type of books. I have a stack by my bed that I’m continually working through. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I feel like when I finish all those books that I’ll finally know & be the perfect parent, wife, entrepreneur, organizer, homemaker, cook, etc. That’s not true. There will always be endless self-help books, podcasts, presentations that my brain will tell me I need to be able to know enough and be enough.
What if the answers are already inside you and me? What if we already know? I personally feel like that conduit of knowing is within me & upward heavenly. Between the two, I’m covered. So the next time you have a burning question, turn the question inward. Ask. Wait. Listen. The answers are in there. You know enough. You are enough.

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