I got to witness firsthand the power of this coaching I’m so blessed to get to do. I am a doula, but don’t take births very often. But when I do, I’m honored to witness the power & sacredness of the birth experience. Last week, I was able to support a mother & father with the birth of their beautiful daughter.

I coached the mama after her last birth that didn’t go as she’d hoped a couple years ago. Then I coached her again as she approached this birth. It was so fun to work with her work through her fears and concerns. She was ready for this birth.

Did her birth go just as she’d hoped? No, it didn’t. But as she and her husband navigated the twists and turns of the birth labyrinth, they stayed the course, and were able to make the decisions necessary to get their baby into their arms safely. As we sat and talked waiting for the cesarean section, we reflected on the day. This mama told me how she never knew she had that kind of strength. She had birthed powerfully. She had no regrets. She was empowered by her birth experience.

As I watched them wheel that beautiful and exhausted mama out to surgery, she smiled and raised her arm with fist tight as if she were going to finish the battle. And she did. An hour later, she was wheeled back in with a tiny, perfect bundle tucked up in her arms.

She and her husband spoke of how different and healing this birth was. Birth transforms us. It transformed them.

What transformation are you seeking? You are capable. I can help.

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