This past weekend, we celebrated our oldest daughter’s 20th birthday. She’s serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints teaching the deaf community about Jesus Christ, so we weren’t able to physically be with her, but I loved the opportunity to reflect on her birth and becoming a mother.

Being a mother is a post for another day, but I’m forever grateful for that journey as well. Birth? Oh, how I’ve changed and grown on my journey with birth over the last 20 years.

In the beginning, I knew nothing and put all my trust in the medical professionals.

Then I didn’t trust the medical professionals.

Then I learned that knowledge is power.

Then I learned that even with all the knowledge, you have no guarantee of the outcome.

Then I discovered the transformational power of the process no matter the outcome.

I’m quite sure I’m still not done learning about birth.

These processes of learning touch every aspect of our lives….marriage, parenting, being a human on this Earth.

I’d love to hear something you thought differently about than you do now, 20 years later.

Happy birthday, little one! Thanks for making me a mommy and taking this journey with me.

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