Meet a mama who gets it!

Hi. I’m Kim, a certified life coach. If you’re a mother that has experienced a less than ideal birth or feel unsettled about an upcoming birth, then I’m your life coach. I take a faith-based approach to birth. I love birth. It’s my passion to empower mothers in their birthing experiences no matter what the experience.

I’ve given birth 6 times and each one has been so different. One birth in particular left me feeling broken. I couldn’t explain it really, and I felt guilty even feeling that way…at least my baby was healthy, right? (PS – never say that to a mom!) It was a lonely time for me, and I felt stuck & didn’t know where to turn. Do any of those feelings ring true for you? Do you want to have another baby and can’t get past the thought of giving birth again? I CAN HELP! I learned and used these tools in my own life. They work. I’ve helped other moms with their births. They’ve worked for them too. It’s your turn. I’m here and ready. Let’s do this.

Now is your time

I work with clients on Zoom, which we’re all more than familiar with recently. It’s so convenient. You don’t have to get a babysitter or leave the comfort of your home. Just grab your laptop, find a quiet space, and be ready to transform your life.

Jump on a quick, no obligation call with me. We’ll see where you’re at, and I’ll share how I can help. I’ll explain my program to you and you can decide if we’re a good fit. Sign up today!